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The coastline of Gran Canaria amounts to more than 200 kilometers, so one can easily imagine the sunbathing venues available on the island are as generous as it gets, both in number and diversity, as well as in quality. Indeed, some 60 kilometers of beaches lace the sandy shores of Gran Canaria, so the event in which tourists fail to find a beach on their taste is close to nothing.

It’s not difficult to imagine beaches are the main attraction in Gran Canaria, and they manage not to fall short of the statute of chief tourist asset by force of the fact they comply with a wide range of requirements. Thus, they are either family-oriented or favorable to practicing all sorts of sports, gay-friendly, pristine and unadulterated by tourism or, on the contrary, well endowed with anthropogenic facilities, attaining a degree a comfort which trenches upon luxury.

The beaches located in south Gran Canaria seem to be the most popular, given they pertain to highly frequented resorts. However, Playa de Las Canteras, which is located in north Gran Canaria, is said to be the best beach on the entire island, which evens, as it were, the tourist rating of both extremities of the island.

The following is but a short list of the beaches which occasion the most rewarding sunbathing moments in Gran Canaria.

Attractions in Gran Canaria

Cycling in Gran Canaria

Tourists who want to get around and keep fit at the same time should opt for cycling in Gran Canaria. There are plenty of cycling centers on the island.


Pilancones Nature Park

The Pilancones Nature Park is located in San Bartolome de Tirajana, and this location enhances its tourist visibility and magnetism.


Horse riding in Gran Canaria

Horse riding in Gran Canaria is ideal for discovering the island in a less mainstream manner. It accommodates very well with rural tourism, but not only.


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