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Puerto Rico is located in the municipality of Mogan, only some 10 kilometers west of Maspalomas. It is an important leisure port of Gran Canaria, though it does not enjoy the statute of Las Palmas in this respect. It can, however, be used for sailing trips organized either individually or by sailing centers. Sailing can easily be complemented by other water activities, such as diving and fishing, being known the waters washing the coastline of Mogan are famed for their cleanliness and richness of marine life.

Speaking of sports, enthusiasts should also keep in mind surfing and windsurfing are not only possible, but increasingly popular in and around Puerto Rico. Golf playing too counts as an option, a possibility yielded by the presence of the Anfi Tauro Golf course and club in the surroundings of Puerto Rico.

All in all, one can easily imagine beaches are the ones which keep Puerto Rico breathing from a tourist point of view, which hold true with respect with most of the other top destinations in Gran Canaria. Playa Puerto Rico, as well as the neighboring Playa de los Amadores and Playa Puerto Mogan must be mentioned in this respect.

The most impressive nature attraction nearby Puerto Rico refers to the Nublo Rural Park, the largest protected area in Gran Canaria and one vast opportunity for people keen on nature explorations. The tourist platform of Puerto Rico is complemented by the presence of Atlantida, a picturesque and peaceful theme and water park, one of the best of its kind in Gran Canaria.

Tourists should also take into account Puerto Rico is close to both the municipality of San Bartolome de Tirajana and the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolas, which means visitors can and, in fact, should indulge in the opportunities specific for each of these two regions. Consequently, visitors can benefit from the entire scope of rural tourism, gay and medical tourism, not to mention the wide plethora of fun and leisure parks located in the surroundings.

The most important tourist information office in Mogan is located in Puerto Rico, more precisely on Avda. de Mogan.

Attractions in Gran Canaria


Located in Puerto Rico, in the municipality of Mogan, Atlantida is a water park capitalizing upon the mythological motifs of the sunken Atlantis.


Surfing and windsurfing in Gran Canaria

Surfing and windsurfing in Gran Canaria are at their best, as compared with the specific opportunities available in the rest of the Canary Islands world.


Cactualdea Park

Cactualdea Park is a theme botanical garden pegged out by several other attractions, such as the so-called Guanche cave. It is also home to Lucha Canaria.


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