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The Tamadaba Nature Park of Gran Canaria fills a surface of 7,538 square meters, between the municipalities of Agaete, Artenara and La Aldea de San Nicolas. The spot was declared a nature park in 1987 and then, in 1994, it was declared a nature reserve.

The park is overlooked by mountainous peaks, such as Tamadaba, and it is pegged out by vertical walls and steep slopes, ravines and several artificial ponds. In addition, there is one particular area on the territory of the Tamadaba Park, namely, El Risco, which has been declared a protected area by force of the several endangered species of birds.

Besides its statute of nature park and reserve obtained by force of the fact several endemic species of plants and birds live there, the Tamadaba Nature Park is deemed valuable from a cultural point of view, since the park is home to several secluded villages of tremendous traditional Canarian character and to the so-called Guayedra valley, a place of huge archeological significance.

The access to the park is possible from Santa Brigida and Vega de San Mateo, by following Motorway 110 and GC115.

Tamadaba Nature Park
Agaete, Artenara and La Aldea de San Nicolas, Gran Canaria, Spain

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