Nature Parks and Reserves

Barranco Oscuro Nature Reserve

The Barranco Oscuro Nature Reserve stretches in the Doramas Rural Park in west Gran Canaria. The laurel forest is home to some 40 rare species.


Doramas Rural Park

The Doramas Rural Park is one of the two rural parks in Gran Canaria. The Barranco Oscuro Nature Reserve is located within Doramas.


El Brezal Nature Reserve

Located in Santa Maria de Guia, the El Brezal Nature Reserve, despite its small dimensions, is highly important in preserving the microclimate balance.


Guigui Nature Reserve

The Guigui Nature Reserve in Gran Canaria features undeniable biological assets. Its appeal is enhanced by the few archeological sites within the reserve.


Inagua Nature Reserve

The Inagua Nature Reserve is a significant protected area in Gran Canaria by force of the fact it contains the best preserved pine forest in Gran Canaria.


Los Marteles Nature Reserve

The Los Marteles Nature Reserve is located in central Gran Canaria, and it is a notable site both as protected area and source of tourist opportunities.


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