Air sports in Gran Canaria

Indulging in air sports in Gran Canaria is one extreme way of living one's vacation to the full. Specialized centers can be spotted throughout the island.


Cycling in Gran Canaria

Tourists who want to get around and keep fit at the same time should opt for cycling in Gran Canaria. There are plenty of cycling centers on the island.


Diving in Gran Canaria

Diving in Gran Canaria is at its best around Mogan and San Nicolas. The underwater world around this part of the island excels by richness and cleanliness.


Fishing and deep sea fishing in Gran Canaria

Fishing and deep sea fishing in Gran Canaria is always a prospect no tourist should pass up, all of the Canary Islands being ideal for such leisure.


Golf in Gran Canaria

Playing golf in Gran Canaria is highly recommended to both professionals and amateurs, golf playing being enabled by the several golf courses on the island


Horse riding in Gran Canaria

Horse riding in Gran Canaria is ideal for discovering the island in a less mainstream manner. It accommodates very well with rural tourism, but not only.


Gran Canaria