Tourists who have decided to spend their vacation in Gran Canaria should not overlook the traditional Canarian cuisine. This cuisine combines in an inspired formula the Spanish, African and Latin American culinary points of reference. The basic dishes of Canarian cuisine refer to fish, vegetables and fresh fruit and, generally speaking, they are light dishes which do not hinder digestion.

Traditional dishes

Tapas is one of the most important elements of the Spanish cuisine. In fact, tapas is a sort of appetizer which can be eaten either cold or hot, and there are some 12 versions of it. Generally, tapas is made of seafood macerated in olive oil, olives, tomato sauce and hearty spices, such as garlic, chili or hot cayenne, pepper, cumin and saffron.

Gofio, a sort of traditional pastry characteristic of the Canary Islands, is one of the most frequently eaten specialties on the island. It is made of a mix of cereals, which is then fried and cooked in sundry manners. It can accompany soups, meat products and even desserts.

Another specialty of this cuisine refers to papas arrugadas, which are basically small potatoes boiled in salted water and then baked, dipped in pepper sauce and olive oil, accompanied by different types of meat.

Fish lovers are highly likely to discover Gran Canaria is a gastronomic paradise, since fish soup and scancocho canario, a stew made of potatoes and fish, are ever-present on locals’ tables. Gofio is also a common supplement to such dishes. Meat eaters will also be pleased to travel to Gran Canaria, since they are to enjoy rabbit, kid and beef meat products, as well as specialties made of chicken and pork.


There is a highly large range of cheeses in Gran Canaria. Cheeses are either industrially produced or homemade, and they are usually made of cow, goat or sheep milk. Anyone is highly likely to find a type of cheese which meets their tastes in Gran Canaria, may this type be saltier or sweeter, fresh, semi-cured or cured.


The typical dessert in Gran Canaria refers to bienmesabe, a mix of almond cream, honey, eggs and rum. Tropical fruit, such as mango, avocado and papaya are highly appreciated, whereas fried bananas stand as a specialty not visitor should overlook.


Wine lovers should keep in mind this Bacchant delight is classifiable in Monte Lentiscal wines and Gran Canaria wines. The former are, just as the name suggests, made in the Lentiscal Mountains region, whereas the Gran Canaria wines come from the other regions of the island. Each of these two categories consists of 12 commercial brands and features both white and red wines.

Wines aside, a highly appreciated beverage in Gran Canaria refers to rum (rom miel being a drink made of rum and honey). Rum is either simple or is variously flavored: banana, coffee, cocoa, peanuts or even honey flavors.

Gran Canaria