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Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria, and it pertains to the namesake municipality. It stands out as the main commercial and tourist port of the island and it is located only some 25 kilometers from Gando. Its statute renders Las Palmas ideal for island hopping, since all of the major sea line companies operating in Gran Canaria and covering the distances between Gran Canaria and the rest of the archipelago use Las Palmas as spot where their vessels start off or haul ashore. Thus, island hopping is a solution at hand in terms of leisure, at least for tourists accommodated in or nearby Las Palmas.

Several luxury hotels are to be spotted in Las Palmas. Hotel Santa Catalina and Melia Las Palmas are the most recommendable, but their presence is indicative of the fact the tourist rating of Las Palmas should not be overlooked when deciding where to stay while planning a vacation in Gran Canaria. Furthermore, the tourist platform of the capital is enhanced by the presence of plenty of car rental companies which, by definition, yield great prospects to tourists who want to get around in Gran Canaria without depending on public transport means.

Unsurprisingly, the chief tourist assets of Las Palmas refer to its beaches, Gran Canaria being, in fact, a huge beach resort island. Truth be said, the most notable beaches in the north area of Gran Canaria pertain to the city and municipality of Las Palmas. We speak of Las Canteras, the largest beach on the island, Playa de Alcaravaneras and Playa de La Laja. However, sunbathing can be easily complemented with a different kind of activities. Shopping and nightlife are but two ideas, whereas in terms of sports, one can resort to golf playing, tennis and even horse riding. Surfing and windsurfing, as well as diving and sailing are possible in and around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Above all, Las Palmas seems to concentrate a fair density of cultural venues. The Nestor Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology Elder, the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, the Perez Galdos House Museum, Casa de Colon, the Canarian Museum, not to mention the impressive Atlantic Center of Modern Art, all these top the bill of the cultural circuit of Las Palmas. The cultural sightseeing is overtopped by the ascertained jewel of historic monuments in the entire archipelago: the Cathedral Basilica of the Canary Islands.

Rural tourism is scarce in Las Palmas, at least in terms of rural accommodation solutions. However, it is available for people keen on rusticated experiences. On the other hand, Las Palmas seems to share some of the effervescence characteristic of the gay life in Maspalomas, which is why it can be deemed the second most important hub of gay tourism in Gran Canaria.

Plenty of tourist information offices can be spotted throughout Las Palmas, in and along the most important tourist hotspots and thoroughfares: Parque de Santa Catalina, Las Canteras and Parque de San Telmo, for instance.

Attractions in Gran Canaria

Beaches in the North Area

Playa de Las Canteras is the jewel of all beaches in the north area of Gran Canaria. Its rating is enhanced by the fact it is located in Las Palmas.


Basilica and Royal Sanctuary of Nuestra Senora del Pino

The Basilica and Royal Sanctuary of Nuestra Senora del Pino is a must-see objective in Gran Canaria. It is both a place of worship and national monument.


Museum of Wine

All that is implied in the traditional wine making in Gran Canaria can now be understood by visiting the Museum of Wine, an edifice located in Santa Brigida


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