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Playa de La Laja

Playa de La Laja pertains to the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and it is deemed a genuine surfers’ paradise. This is a large beach which, by force of its dimensions, it’s not as overcrowded as one might expect. Its fine gray sand is excellent for sunbathing and walks.

Playa de Alcaravaneras

Playa de Alcaravaneras is located in Puerto de la Luz, the port of Las Palmas. This is a golden stretch of sand most often frequented by locals.

Despite its urban location, the beach is rather isolated, featuring no shops and restaurants. Yet, nearby the motorway bordering the beach, boutiques, bars and restaurants can be found and resorted to by people in the mood for varying their sunbathing moments. Playa de Alcaravaneras is bordered to the south by Varadero Sailing Club, and by Real Club Nautico to the north.

Sports enthusiasts will surely appreciate this beach, since basketball, football and tennis areas have been arranged here.

Playa de Las Canteras

Playa de Las Canteras is the largest of all beaches on the island, and it is considered to be one of the three most beautiful beaches in Spain.

It is located in the city of Las Palmas, and is consists of fine golden sand. The water is calm, a feature owed to the natural reef located only several hundreds of meters off shore which stops the waves to get to the shore. Thus, a sort of natural pool has formed here, and its water features constant temperatures, being wholesome both for professional swimmers and for people who don’t know hoe to swim.

Dubbed “the Pearl of Gran Canaria”, the beach is dotted with bars, cafés and restaurants where people can relax while refreshing.

Getting bored is not an option on Playa de Las Canteras. People who do not simply want to sunbathe can resort to diving and admiring the colorful underwater scenery, or they can practice sundry other sports. The south part of the beach is ideal for surfing, since the protecting reef does not stretch this far. Thus, there is no hindrance in terms of practicing surfing; on the contrary, enthusiasts can find the surroundings feature equipment rental centers, as well as shops from where surfers can buy accessories.

Attractions in Gran Canaria

Museum of History of Aguimes

The Museum of History of Aguimes displays, by the exhibits it shelters, the local history as from the 15th century. It is hosted by the Bishop's Palace.


Beaches in the North Area

Playa de Las Canteras is the jewel of all beaches in the north area of Gran Canaria. Its rating is enhanced by the fact it is located in Las Palmas.


Nestor Alamo Museum

Located in the municipality of Santa Maria de Guia, the Nestor Alamo Museum honors the work and the contribution of Nestor Alamo to the world of music.


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